Happy not to be there

There was a time last week when I thought to go to Blogmich05. But now I found Jens' entry about it. Jens wrote that, among others, there are three persons which he considers to be "total bescheuert" (complete fools). For me, it would be even worse. On Blogmich, as I found out by reading the list, there is at least one participant which makes me wanna vomit. To be honest: this person makes me so sick that, sometimes, I consider him to be

worse than Sauron!

(But, like Jens, I'll never tell :-) )

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Blogger Hellblazer meinte...


naaaaa... das wär' ja wie nen Grottenolm für eine Kobra gehalten... ;-)

3:08 PM  
Blogger *V.K.* meinte...

OK..hast recht, war wohl eher 'n Pocket-Sauron :-))

6:01 PM  

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