Mary Sue, die Plage der Fanfiction

In der sog. "fan fiction" taucht immer wieder ein Plagegeist auf, umschrieben als Self-Insertion and Mary-Sue-ism. Notice to self: muss mal meinen eigenen Romanentwurf auf diese Plage hin überprüfen.

Hier noch ein wundervoller "Lackmus-Test" für LOTR Fanfiction mit wirklich köstlichen Fragen:
81. Does everyone in the Fellowship admires/approves of your character?
82. Even Aragorn?
83. Even Gandalf?
84. Even Gimli?
87. Is your character the bearer of a hitherto unknown "extra" ring? (You know, "Three for the Elven Kings under the Sky, Seven for the Dwarf Lords in their Halls of Stone, Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die, One for the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne, and one left over for Willow Foxblade, half-elven princess of Gondor with ankle-length auburn hair and a spitfire personality"?).[Buhuu! alleine bei der Vorstellung rollen sich einem die Fußnägel auf! AnmdVK]
105. Does your character have sex with
a) Aragorn?
b) Legolas?
c) Frodo?
d) Boromir?
e) Gandalf?
f) All of the above?
g) Sequentially?
h) Simultaneously?
(If anyone answered "yes" to "f," please send me a copy of the story)

130. Does your character have any magical powers not supported in the Tolkien-verse? (Telekinesis, telepathy, transforming into animals, etc.)

131. Does she just "know" things?
132. By "sensing" them?
133. At critical plot points?
(Note: the above three questions do not apply if your character is Galadriel)

156. Does your character speak Elvish in your story?
a) To Aragorn?
b) To Legolas?
c) To Boromir?
157. Even though Boromir doesn't speak elvish?
158. But he can understand your character because s/he cast a spell of tongues on Boromir?
159. A spell that had nothing to do with oral sex?
[ :-))) AnmdVK]